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Release Notes
The Print Creations International version is released
The Print Creations International version is released
The Print Creations version is released

This great new Print Creations application makes it easy to create and print your own personalized Album Pages.

Tired of the ordinary 4x6 photo format in your album? Try ArcSoft Print Creations™ Album Page! It allows you to conveniently lay out your photos in pre-designed templates and output as a single album page. You not only can add captions to the photos, you can also choose from hundreds of designed templates and layouts to liven up your photo albums.

The new Smart Layout feature can automatically lay out your photos on a page according to the number and proportion. You can also rearrange your photos by using the “Shuffle” button.


  • Professionally-designed album page templates
  • Download feature - get new templates from the web
  • Personalize your album pages with your own pictures, titles, captions, and descriptive text
  • Works with your color printer
  • Supports borderless printing (not all printers support this feature)
  • Works with paper from all of the popular brands
  • Built-in print wizard

MSRP: $29.99

Print Creations Software

Album Page Templates

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